Katie Brando
I was born in Chattanooga and have lived here my entire life. The walking bridge, Stringer’s Ridge, the aquarium, and Bluff View have all been a part of my childhood and are still some of my favorite places today. If I am not working away in the library at GPS or editing the sports pages for our school yearbook you can probably find me at Rembrants Coffee. Their Iced Americano’s powers to help you conquer a long study night are truly remarkable and strongly encourage you try it. But if it’s a warm day then I could also be found rowing out on the Tennessee river with my teammates. There is no better way to experience the river than when you are putting everything you have in to making your boat move down it as quickly as you can. After a long day of school and crew practice I turn to music as my escape. My playlist is full of plenty of Avett Brothers songs as well as Vampire Weekend and Lorde. My favorite movie is 10 Things I Hate About You and I am constantly drinking either Fresca or La Croix. Origami is insanely fun and no I do not have an instagram. These are some random facts but hopefully they have helped you get to know me a bit better.

Photos by Zachary Cross