About Us

The Chattanooga Mayor's Youth Council was established in 2015 by Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke as a platform for youth voice in Chattanooga.
The Council is a group of 20-30 High School students that advises the Mayor and his Administration, facilitates communication between youth and city government, and takes action to advance efforts important to them. The Mayor's Youth Council was designed by a diverse group of over 300 high school students who came together at City Hall for a series of design sessions.
They joined with their peers to deliberate, share their input, and decide what the Mayor's Youth Council will look like and how it will work. Based on the plan that youth created, the council meets every other week at City Hall to make decisions, coordinate action, and advise city staff and other organizations that engage with youth in the City. The council has several working groups that meet outside of larger council meetings to accomplish their goals. The Mayor meets quarterly with the council to seek their advice and get a report on their progress.
Advise: The MYC serves to represent youth voice and perspective to adults in the city. City staff seek counsel from MYC on projects and initiatives. Churches, non-profits, and civic groups that engage with youth can schedule time during MYC meetings to seek advice and help from the council on their initiatives, events or programs.
Communicate: The MYC is responsible for communicating to the youth they represent. Efforts like Youth Post,a monthly newsletter that combines opportunities for youth in the City into one platform, serve as a youth-driven platform to communicate with youth. MYC members also communicate through their school's announcements and publications.
Act: The MYC takes on a variety of action projects throughout the year to work on issues that are important to youth in Chattanooga.

Photos by Zachary Cross